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CRG launches UV traceable resin technology

Low viscosity resins are often used in concrete repair as they are claimed to penetrate micro cracks and fissures of 0.1mm or less. There is little evidence to prove this and, with transparent resins, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine complete penetration into sub-millimetre cracks under field conditions.

CRG’s new UV tracer technology makes identifying the degree of resin penetration as easy as turning on a light. The technology, which is the subject of a patent application, utilises a transparent ultraviolet emissive dye which can be incorporated into any resin system. Under normal light the resins look like any other, but under UV light the dye fluoresces and easily shows the degree of resin penetration.


The photo on the left shows a concrete section repaired with Sealtite FLV Flexible Low Viscosity epoxy resin. The photo on the right shows the same section under UV light – the fine fractures filled with resin can be clearly seen.

During quality control and hand-over inspections, it is now possible to easily inspect cores onsite and include photographic evidence of the repair for engineering and inspection reports.

Please contact David on 0402 960 346 or Richard on 0406 115 628 for more details.